07 June 2019, 16:05

Edem Bekirov was kept for 12 hours without food and medical care. Then his arrest was extended until August.


The Kyiv “district court” of Simferopol extended the arrest to the Crimean Tatar activist Edem Bekirov until August 12.

This decision was made by “judge” Anton Tsikurenko, journalist Anton Naumlyuk reported.

Prior to that, Bekirov was kept for 12 hours while awaiting his hearing without food and compulsory medical care. In this regard, the “judge” made a special ruling to the FSIN for the inappropriate treatment of a prisoner.

During the trial Bekirov was holding a piece of paper with a message: “Young people first. Then old people. Now women. Who’s next? Children ???“.

“All the arguments of the defense came up against the blank wall of misunderstanding. Even the wording of the investigation is the same month after month, up to a comma,” lawyer Aleksey Ladin commented on the decision of the “court”.

Опубліковано Zair Smedlya Четвер, 6 червня 2019 р.

Earlier, QHA media reported that, Edem Bekirov who has diabetes, was forced to take long breaks between meals in the detention centre in order to maintain blood sugar levels. Bekirov is a first category disabled person, his right leg is amputated. In 2018, Bekirov had a heart operation.

Edem Bekirov was detained by Russian security forces at the entrance to the Crimea on the morning of December 12, 2018. He was heading to the peninsula to visit his 78-year-old mother and relatives. The next day, the Kiev District Court of Simferopol took Bekirov into custody. FSB charges him with the storage and transfer of explosives and ammunition.