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Dutch Uyghurs Celebrate East Turkestan Republic Day in Amsterdam Dam Square

17 November 2020, 23:12

The anniversary events of the republics founded in 1933 and 1944 in East Turkestan are celebrated worldwide. Uyghur activists in the Netherlands held East Turkestan Republic Day commemoration ceremony in Amsterdam Dam Square on November 14.

Uyghur activist Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur, living in exile in the Netherlands, has been holding various demonstrations since July 2018 in Amsterdam’s Dam Square to protest the Chinese government’s persecution of Uyghurs. Abdurehim Gheni Uyghur held a commemoration meeting yesterday in Amsterdam Dam Square on the occasion of the 12 November East Turkestan Republic Day.

Speaking to QHA about the commemoration ceremony, the Uyghur activist stated that he held a meeting this year as in the previous year and said that he will continue to make his voice heard in the world until East Turkestan is free. Underlining that East Turkestan is under the occupation of China, Gheni said, “It is the conscience and national duty of every East Turkestan to commemorate East Turkestan Republic Day . This is why it is important to remember.”

The second commemoration of East Turkestan Republic Day, which was held on November 14, 2020, under the leadership of the Uyghur activist, was held with certain restrictions under the shadow of coronavirus measures. The East Turkestan flag was unfurled at the ceremony, where statements were made in three languages: Uyghur, English and Dutch.

Uyghur activist Gheni presented a press release for the East Turkestan Republic Day commemoration ceremony held in Amsterdam Dam Square. The statement that the Uyghur activist made are as follows:

The Symbol of National Independence

“Today, on the occasion of the commemoration of the two independent East Turkestan Republics established in Kashgar on November 12, 1933 and Gulja on November 12, 1944; We commemorate the day of the establishment of an independent republic in East Turkestan, that the people of East Turkestan, especially the Uyghurs, are a nation that is liberal, able to govern itself and has a high democratic consciousness.”

Duty of Every Turkestani

“These two republics, founded on the blood of thousands of martyrs, come to be commemorated abroad on 12 November every year. Therefore, these two republics are the symbols of our national independence and the traces left by this republic are our source of inspiration. It is the national and conscience duty of every Turkestani to remember these two republics and to keep their spirit alive.”

East Turkestan is Occupied as a Result of the Cooperation of the USSR with the Red China

“These two republics, established in our recent history, entered the occupation of Red China on 20 October 1949 as a result of the military and political cooperation between the USSR and Red China. For 70 years, the Red Chinese government has assimilated religious, national and cultural assimilation under the Han Chinese world view of that “those who are not from us have bad intentions”. The people of East Turkestan, especially the Uyghurs, protected themselves against this assimilation in the past 70 years. Red China, which could not Sinicise [make Chinese] the people of East Turkestan in 70 years, this time initiated a national, religious and cultural genocide unprecedented in world history. China established concentration camps like the Hitler Nazi camps. More than 3 million Uyghurs, intellectuals and businessmen from East Turkestan are being detained in these camps, some are killed, some are exposed to serious diseases, and even their internal organs are sold.”

The Chinese are Taking Revenge on the Turks with the Genocide

“We [Uyghurs] are the children of an ancestor who established many states and civilisations in the past. Han Chinese built “the great wall of China” because they feared our ancestors. Today, Red China are taking revenge for this and is committing genocide.

Without despair in the face of this genocide, we will hopefully resist the persecution of communist China and continue our struggle until our last breath. Our salvation depends on this sacrifice. Long Live Independent East Turkestan!”