18 May 2019, 12:48

Czech court convicted serviceman for involvement in hostilities in Donbas siding with "DPR"


May 17, a serviceman of the Czech armed forces was convicted on charges of terrorism for participating in hostilities siding with the Russian invaders in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic Yevgen Perebyinis reported about the sentence on his Facebook page.

The court sentenced Eric Eshtu to four-year conditional term and rescinded his military rank, which means the actual completion of his career in the Czech army.

Despite the fact that the verdict is conditional, this is an important precedent, and a warning to all those who may still plan to take the side of the perpetrators and terrorists in the Donbas, as the participation in illegal formations with arms in hands was qualified by the court as preparation for a terrorist act, – Perebianis wrote.

The Prosecutor’s Office claimed that Eshtu had been guarding trenches and weapons for three weeks and also took part in shelling

The convicted person said that he was just traveling to Ukraine, and just made a picture for memory wearing the militants’ uniform and holding weapons in his hands.

The Czech court explained a conditional sentence by the fact that Eshtu’s participation in a particular terrorist act had not been proven.

According to Czech media, law enforcement officers in the Czech Republic are investigating more than 10 similar cases.

Earlier, Brazilian Rafael Marcus Lusvarga was sentenced to 13 years in prison for taking part in hostilities in the Donbas.