Crimean Tatar businessman and philanthropist Resul Velilyaev released from Lefortovo prison in Moscow

24 April 2019, 17:34

Resul Velilyaev, Crimean Tatar businessman and philanthropist was released from the Lefortovo detention center in Moscow, the First Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Nariman Dzhelyal informed QHA media.

Dzhelal suggested that Velilyaev was released on bail. “He will probably remain in Moscow for the duration of the judicial proceedings,” the First Deputy Head of the Mejlis said.

He stressed that the lawyers and relatives of Resul Velilyev and Ali Bariev (the second person involved in the “Vellyaev case”) made every effort to get them released from the detention center.

Apparently, the investigation itself concluded that there is no need to keep them [in custody]. Although the practice which we constantly face is almost always a hundred percent court decision to put a person behind bars, and only then to think whether it was worth it. That is often the preventive measures against people, including the Crimean political prisoners, are inadequate,” Nariman Dzhelyal said.

Speaking about the reasons for changing the preventive measure for Resul Velilyaev, Nariman Dzhelyal said that, perhaps, the Investigation Committee, taking into account the work of lawyers, and the constant appeals of his relatives, concluded that it was not necessary to keep him in custody.

“Especially since Resul Velilyaev did not deny any problems at his enterprises and was ready to correct them and suffer punishment. But I am convinced that political motives stand behind the claims of an economic nature to Velilyaev,” Dzhelyal said.

In April last year in Bilohirsk, Russian security forces came with searches to the network of Guzel stores and the KrymOpt company. They also searched the homes of members of the Velilyaevs and Bariyevs families. Then the businessmen were detained and arrested. They were charged with “the production, storage or sale of goods that do not meet safety requirements” (part 2 of article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

On March 21, Moscow’s Basmanny District Court extended the arrest of Resul Velilyaev and Ali Bariev until April 25, 2019. Both of them were at that time in the Moscow Lefortovo detention center.