Crimean Platform support group to be set up in NATO Parliamentary Assembly

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Canan Kevser
24 March 2021, 16:
Canan Kevser
24 March 2021, 16:

A Crimean Platform support group will be set up in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Head of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, MP from the Servant of the People Yehor Chernev announced.

“Our main task is to promote the agenda of the Crimean Platform and counteract the disinformation about Crimea spread by the Russian Federation in the NATO members states. This is one of the elements of information counteraction to the hybrid war with Russia. We will inform all NATO member states about the real situation in Crimea so that these countries also form the correct information plan concerning the peninsula,” the Ukrainian MP said.

As reported, the group will consist of six members: three representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly from NATO member states and three members of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO PA.

In particular, Head of the Delegation Yehor Chernev, First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk and a representative of one of the opposition factions in the Verkhovna Rada, whose candidacy is currently being clarified, will join the group.

Chernev also invited NATO PA President, U.S. Congressman Gerald Connolly, who co-authored U.S. legislative initiatives on sanctions against Russia and non-recognition of attempted annexation of Crimea, to take part in the presentation of the Crimean Platform.

"From the very beginning of the Russian aggression, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has strongly condemned the annexation of Crimea and has consistently supported Ukraine's territorial integrity all these years. The support of international partners suggests that the occupation of Crimea will never be justified. The path towards the de-occupation consists of tactical steps. The Crimean Platform is one of them," he concluded.

Crimean Platform

The Crimean Platform is a new consultative and coordination format initiated by Ukraine to improve the international response to the occupation of Crimea and growing security challenges.

The Platform aims to increase international pressure on Russia, prevent further human rights violations, protect victims of the occupation regime, and achieve the goal of de-occupation of Crimea and its return to Ukraine.

The Crimean Platform will operate at several levels: The first is the highest political level, which will be joined by foreign heads of state and government. The second is the level of heads of foreign policy departments and defence ministers; the third is the inter-parliamentary level; the fourth is the level of non-governmental experts.

The activities of the Crimean Platform will be officially launched at the inaugural summit which is planned to be held in Kyiv on August 23, 2021.