05 December 2018, 18:24

Crimean "court" rejected complaint of Elina Mamedova’s defense against the prosecution for reposts in social networks


December 4, the judge of the Yalta City Court, Sergey Smirnov, refused to satisfy the complaint of the defense of Yalta resident Elina Mamedova regarding the legality of the criminal case for repost in social networks, Krym.Realii reports.

Mamedova’s lawyer, Aleksey Ladin, stated that the occupying authorities, initiating a criminal case, did not take into account the public danger and the motive that did not exist, but opened the case only because of the text of the message in the social network.

Ladin stressed that the “prosecutor” objected to the satisfaction of the defense complaint..

According to the lawyer, Mamedova, who was accused of inciting hatred and hostility, made a publication in March 2014 calling for different nationalities not to be hostile and to live in harmony. The printout of this post was attached to the complaint materials, which should have served as proof of the absence of a hate motive.

However, the “court” did not consider the attached record as an argument.

On June 13, Elina Mamedova was detained by officers of the Russian FSB. Her home in Chekhovo (Bolshaya Yalta) was searched. After the interrogation, the woman was released, but was imposed a travel ban.

On November 28, a second search was conducted in the apartment of Elina Mamedova, after which a toothbrush was seized allegedly for DNA samples.