Crimean "court" announced verdict on "Vedzhie Kashka case". All accused persons received suspended sentences

17 April 2019, 17:44

The Kyiv District Court of Simferopol sentenced four Crimea residents accused in the “Vedzhie Kashka case”.

According to Crimean Solidarity, Kyazim Ametov, Ruslan Trubach and Bekir Degermendzhi were given suspended sentences of deprivation of liberty for three years (with a probation period of three years), and Asan Chapukh was sentenced to 3.5 years conditionally (also with a probation period of three years). That is exactly what the prosecution demanded.

During the hearing, the “judge” Mikhail Belousov allowed the final statement to Ruslan Trubach.

He, like other accused persons, said he did not consider himself guilty.

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The accused in the “Vedzhie Kashka case” are four Crimean Tatar activists – 66-year-old Asan Chapuh, 52-year-old Ruslan Trubach, 58-year-old Bekir Degermendzhi and 61-year-old Kyazim Ametov, who were detained in Simferopol on November 23, 2017. They were accused of extorting money from a Turkish citizen Yusuf Aytan.

Aytan, in turn, took 7 thousand dollars from the family of a veteran of the Crimean Tatar movement, 83-year-old Vedzhie Kashka. Activists, along with Kashka, tried to convince the Turkish citizen to return the money and arranged to meet in one of the cafes of Simferopol. However, Russian security forces burst out in a cafe on Aytan’s tip and detained activists.

During the detention, Vedzhie Kashka became ill. Ambulance was called for the woman, she died on the way to the hospital.

According to Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov, who is conducting his own investigation into Kashka’s death, the reason for her death was the actions of Russian security officials. In particular, in the commentary to QHA media, the lawyer said that the woman died 20 minutes after she was hit with the butt of the machine gun.

On January 24, 2019, three persons accused in the case were released under house arrest due to their health condition, the fourth accused, Asan Chapuh, was transferred to house arrest on October 10, 2018.

On April 10, during the debate, the “prosecutor” requested conditional sentences of four elderly Crimean Tatars. He insisted on the guilt of the accused, but asked to take into account mitigating circumstances: Their age, the positive characteristics of the accused and their lack of criminal record.