Crimea is rated "Not Free" in 2020 report - Annual worldwide study by Freedom House | QHA media
06 March 2020, 10:32

Crimea is rated "Not Free" in 2020 report - Annual worldwide study of Freedom House

Canan Kevser

The United States-based international non-governmental organisation ‘Freedom House’ rated the occupied-Crimea as ‘not-free’ depending on its report ‘Freedoms in the World 2020’.

In a statement on the website of Freedom House, said, “In early 2014, Russian forces invaded the autonomous Ukrainian region of Crimea and quickly annexed it to the Russian Federation through a referendum that was widely condemned for violating international law. The occupation government severely limits political and civil rights, it has silenced independent media, employs antiterrorism and other laws against political dissidents. Many Ukrainians have been deported from or otherwise compelled to leave Crimea. Members of the indigenous Crimean Tatar minority, many of whom continue to vocally oppose the Russian occupation, have faced acute repression by the authorities.”

Global freedom statuses have examined within the following titles:

  • Electoral Process
  • Political Pluralism and Participation
  • Functioning of Government
  • Freedom of Expression and Belief
  • Associational and Organizational Rights
  • Rule of Law
  • Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights

Also, on the subject, human rights defenders stressed that the activities of pro-Russian representatives in the occupied Crimea have caused the demographic structure of Crimea to deteriorate.