Azerbaijan launches bus service with the annexed Crimea. Ukrainian embassy in Baku appealed to Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry for clarification

06 March 2019, 11:23

Baku International Bus Terminal Complex restored bus routes to Yalta and Samara, according to the information at the capital bus station of Azerbaijan, the local newspaper reports.

The message says that the Baku-Yalta bus will run on Mondays (at 11:00) and on Saturdays (at 15:00). The cost of a ticket in one direction is 100 manat (about 59 USD).

The fee for traveling with children aged from 5 to 10 years is half the cost of the ticket; children under 5 years travel free of charge. specified that the bus route will pass through Kerch, Feodosiya and Simferopol.

The embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan told QHA media that diplomats have already sent an appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Caucasian country.

It should be noted that the Azerbaijani authorities have repeatedly declared non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

In December 2018, it became known that Russian geographic atlases are sold in bookstores of Azerbaijan, in which the annexed Crimea is indicated as the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, ice cream is sold in Azerbaijan, the indicated manufacturer of which is based in “Republic of Crimea, Russia”. After the intervention of the Ukrainian Embassy in Azerbaijan, law enforcement officers seized atlases from sale.