28 January 2019, 16:06

Artificial mounds at the Kerch Bridge damaged because of weather. In some places, landslides got the storm drains out from the plates


On the approaches to the Kerch bridge, artificially created mounds collapsed due to snowfall.

Workers using special equipment remove the earth, Kerch. FM reported.

According to the publication, in some places the landslides broke the storm drains out from the plates. It can be observed from the side of Kerch and Taman.

Earlier, Yuri Medovar, a senior researcher at the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, stated that when the Russian authorities launch a railway bridge into the annexed Crimea, problems with the Kerch bridge will become even more serious.

Thus, due to the frequently installed bridge supports, the cross section of the Kerch Strait was reduced by almost two times, which led to an increase in the flow rate of water, and as soon as the flow rate increases, leaching begins of base under the bridge supports will occur.