Armyansk in occupied Crimea preparing to increased flow of patients. This is evidenced by actual figures of public procurement | QHA media
23 April 2019, 16:42

Armyansk in occupied Crimea preparing to increased flow of patients. This is evidenced by actual figures of public procurement


In the city of Armyansk in the north of the illegally annexed Crimea, physicians are preparing for the mass admission of patients, according to correspondent of RIA Novy Den, who made a conclusion from the information published by the central city hospital of Armyansk on the site of public procurement.

Thus, the medical institution announced a competition to supply food for the amount of 8 million 516 thousand rubles (about 133488 USD). The number of food sets that the winner of the competition will have to deliver to the hospital of Armyansk is 44 thousand 825. The budget of the occupied Crimea assumes that the cost of meal for one patient is 189 rubles (about 2,96 USD) per day.

In June 2018, the city hospital of Armyansk calculated the supply of food for 150 hospital patients. Now the same medical institution plans to feed 200-225 patients.

Such figures give reason to say that local “authorities” allow for the repetition of last year’s emergency.

Then in the city of Armyansk and its immediate vicinity a serious environmental disaster occurred. The city-forming enterprise Crimean Titan was dumping waste from its production, containing sulfuric acid, into a settling lake, with a size of 10 km by 4 km. After Ukraine blocked the North-Crimean Canal, the volumes of water used by Titan were severely limited. The retention basin began to shallow, the concentration of harmful chemical compounds in it has increased.

Because of the dry summer, the poisonous lake dried up. The salts of sulfuric acid carried by the wind seeped into the air, and in August 2018 appeared as sediment on most surfaces in Armyansk. The “authorities” did not pay attention to the complaints of the citizens even when it was hard to breathe, asserting that nothing terrible was happening in the north of the peninsula.

The evacuation of children from the city began only a week later, the Titan plant was temporarily stopped.

In October 2018, the chemical plant started working again without changing its technologies: The acid still dumped into the same retention basin open to the sun and wind. After the resumption of the work of Crimean Titan, the “head” of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, stated that suspicious city residents continue to turn to doctors, but “after undergoing a full examination, in most cases, this suggests that chronic diseases give certain situations, exacerbations in a certain period”.

Earlier information appeared on pumping fresh water by Crimean Titan. QHA media also provided statistics on mortality on the peninsula from respiratory diseases after last year’s chemical disaster in the north of the annexed Crimea.