13 March 2019, 17:45

Aksyonov reinstated scandalous "vice-mayor" of Crimean city in his position like nothing happened


The Kremlin-controlled “Head” of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov restored Dilyaver Melgaziyev, who was previously dismissed with a scandal, in the position of the “vice-mayor” of the occupied Kerch.

The “head of the city administration” in Kerch Sergey Borozdin informed about the decision on Facebook.

According to him, this was the result of the completion of a service check at the city transport enterprise “Kerchgortrans”, for which his “deputy” Melgaziyev was removed from office.

Yesterday, the authority of Dilyaver Melgaziyev was restored. This was requested by the collective of the enterprise [“Kerchgortrans” – ed.] and Sergey Aksyonov supported this decision. Conclusions were made, a road map was developed for resolving the situation. A policy was taken to improve the enterprise,” Borozdin reported on the social network.

21 февраля решением Главы Республики Крым Сергея Аксенова в рамках его визита в Керчь мой заместитель Дилявер Мельгазиев…

Опубліковано Сергеєм Бороздиним Середа, 13 березня 2019 р.

Earlier, QHA media reported that the collapse of public transport was observed in the annexed Kerch. Aksyonov, who arrived in the city at that time, removed “the deputy head of the administration” in Kerch Dilyaver Melgaziyev, who oversees the sphere of urban transport.