16 May 2019, 16:39

57% of Ukrainians support idea of Ukraine joining the EU, 49% support joining NATO


According to the results of a joint sociological research of the Social Monitoring Center, the Yaremenko Ukrainian Institute of Social Research and the Rating sociological group, if a referendum was now held for Ukraine’s joining NATO, 48.9% of Ukrainians would vote for it, and 57% would approve membership in the European Union.

The corresponding data was published by the Rating group on its website.

Moreover, 43.1% of respondents believe that the path for the development of Ukraine is European integration and full rapprochement with the EU, while 12.3% said they were in favor of restoring and expanding economic and cultural ties with Russia.

The study was conducted from April 30 to May 10 in 24 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv. A total of 3,000 respondents were interviewed. Standard sampling error does not exceed 1.83%.

According to the results of the same opinion poll, four parties are entering the Ukrainian parliament: “Servant of the People”, “Opposition Platform – For Life”, BPP Solidarity and VO Batkivshchyna.