2.5 thousand Crimeans got drafted into the Russian army. Most of them will serve outside the Crimea

02 April 2019, 15:18

The military enlistment offices in the annexed Crimea intend to send 2.5 thousand Crimeans to military service in the ranks of the Russian army during the spring draft campaign.

The information department of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported about such an intention today, as cited by Kryminform.

Most of the conscripts will be sent outside the Crimea for service in various military units of Russia.

Spring conscription will last until July 15, 2019.

Earlier, QHA media reported that in 2018 about 5.6 thousand Crimeans were called up for military service in the Russian army.

Since the spring of 2015, Russia has conducted seven recruiting campaigns in the occupied Crimea, within the framework of which 12.229 Crimeans were illegally called in the Russian armed forces. The autumn conscription of Crimeans in 2018 was the most massive for the whole period of the occupation: three thousand people were called for the Russian army from the occupied territory.