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Worldwide dictation contest gathered the Crimean Tatars from all ages

24 February 2020, 09:43

On the occasion of the World Mother Language Day, the ‘Nefes’ non-governmental organization staged a Crimean Tatar online dictation (spelling) contest in Crimea.

The dictation contest which organized for the second time has now become a tradition and brought together the Crimean Tatars living in various countries of the world this year.

Hundreds of Crimean Tatars attended the online event on February 22, 2020, at 15:00 and wrote dictation in Crimean Tatar Language. The famous Crimean Tatar poet and author Sheryan Ali’s article titled ‘Burden of the Memories’ has selected for dictation. The text has read by Emine Usein, who teaches Crimean Tatar language at the school-21 in Akmescit (Simferopol).

Crimean Tatars from all ages came together

Gathered in a cafe named Bereket in Akmescit, people of all ages, including members of the national movement, wrote dictation in the Crimean Tatar language and tested their grammatical consciousness.

Elmaz Akim, the head of the ‘Nefes’ organization who initiated the tradition of live dictation, said:

“Today we organized the Crimean Tatar dictation contest. I would like to thank those who supported to organize this event and everyone who attended it. I think that is a very beneficial event. We plan to organize this event every year.”

Elmaz Akim stated that hundreds of Crimean Tatars living in several parts of the world attended the dictation event.

Canan Kevser