10 June 2019, 18:14

"We still have time to shoot you all" - Mother of detained Crimean Tatar about threats of Russian security forces


An officer of the Russian power structures threatened mother of Eskender Suleimanov who was detained today, with a gun and aimed the weapon directly at her. After that, the woman had a heart episode.

She told about the threats herself in a video published by the public association Crimean Solidarity.

The search in the house of the Suleimanovs family in the Strohanivka village on the outskirts of Simferopol began at about 6 am today, June 10.

When I started to curse them and struggle, one of them pulled out a gun and wanted to shoot me like that. “Shoot me,” I said. Because I don’t care anymore – they took away one son, took away the second. Come on, so I die. “We will still have time to shoot you all,” he said, – the detainee’s mother told.

Also, according to her, during the search books were planted in the house.

⚡️ОБЫСК В ДОМЕ ЭСКЕНДЕРА СУЛЕЙМАНОВАСегодня, 10 июня 2019 года, в домах крымских татар-мусульман прошли обыски. Комментарий родителей Эскендера Сулейманова по поводу того, как проходил обыск в их доме.

Опубліковано Крымская солидарность Понеділок, 10 червня 2019 р.

Today in the Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation, Russian security forces have launched a new wave of mass searches and detentions. It is known that at least eight Crimean Tatars are detained.