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Crimean Family

Visit from TURKSID Association of Turkey to 'Crimea Family'

10 February 2020, 13:33

Members of TURKSID (Turkey Ukraine Romania Crimea Industry and Business Association) of Ukraine, visited the ‘Crimea Family’ Culture Center on February 9, 2020.

TURKSID Chairman Ertan Bastuhan, head of TURKSID Ukraine Association Ismet Yuksel, Crimean Tatar National Assembly (QTMM) and World Crimean Tatar Congress (DQTK) President Refat Cubarov, General President of Crimean Association in Turkey and DQTK Deputy Mukremin Sahin, Chairman of the Crimean Development Foundation Bursa Branch office Haluk Yasayanlar, Vice President of EkoEurasia Association Kemal Kurnaz, and other members of TURKSID attended with their families to this first visit of the association.

At the beginning of the program, TURKSID members from Turkey donated for the repair of a class and contribution to the salaries of teachers.

Canan Kevser

The Crimean Tatar children in the Crimea Family organized a show on the occasion of the visit, sang the Crimean Tatar songs and perform ‘khaytarma’ (Crimean Tatar folk dance). TURKSID members from Turkey experienced emotional moments at this first visit of Crimea Family.

Crimea Family Culture Center manager Anife Kurtseitova introduced the Crimea Family and explained their projects.

Speaking after Kurtseitova, QTMM President Cubarov emphasized the importance of the Crimea Family and explained the mission of this cultural center.

Children from Crimea Family will visit Ankara on April 23

Speaking after Cubarov, the founding president of TURKSID Ukraine, Yuksel, who has provided financial and moral aid to the Crimea Family, stated that they are trying to help the Crimea Family and will continue to do so.

TURKSID member Haluk Yasayanlar, who considered as the “Father of the Crimea Family”, narrated within his speech that they met the Crimea Family at the Crimean Tatar National Assembly meeting on the occasion of the President of the Crimean Association (Ankara) Mukremin Sahin. Stating that they hosted Crimea Family’s children for one week in Bursa on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day April 23, 2018, Yasayanlar said that they are preparing to bring the children to Ankara again for April 23 in this year.

Speaking after Yasayanlar, the General President of the Crimean Association (Ankara), Sahin stated that the Crimea Family fulfilled a very important responsibility on educating the children of the families who had to leave the Crimea and it should be supported.

Kurtseitova: Children prepared a nice show

Kurtseitova Director of the Crimea Family Culture Center, who shared her comments to the Crimean News Agency (QHA), about the visit, said:

“At first, congratulations on TURKSID. May it bring good luck to all of us and the people of Ukraine. We have very competent people among TURKSID. Let’s work together with our friendly people, let our children participate in concerts and festivals in Turkey. Of course, the kids have prepared such a good program especially for them. They all waited.”

She said that they cherish the feeling of Crimea today.

Regarding the help of TURKSID, Kurtseitova said that the culture center always needed financial aid for the salaries of the instructors, repair of the classrooms and repair of clothes. Expressing that the children do not have the Crimean Tatar textbooks with Latin letters, Kurtseitova told that the teachers prepare the course materials themselves and said, “We need a lot”, and presented thanks to TURKSID for their help.

Bastuhan: I felt very happy and emotional

TURKSID President Bastuhan, who evaluated today’s visit to QHA, told that they made the visit upon the invitation of the Crimea Family and said:

“I am very glad that I came here. I saw the children, I felt very emotional, my eyes were full of tears. I hope we could provide a good future for these children in our motherland. We donated as much as we can, as the TURKSID family. Hopefully, we want to protect these children from now on, they will be under our protection. We will push our conditions to offer them better opportunities in the future. Again, I felt very happy and emotional throughout today’s atmosphere.”

Yasayanlar: We stand by them, we love them

TURKSID member Yasayanlar, in his assessment to QHA, said,

“In 2018, we brought the Crimea Family to Bursa for one week on April 23 and we love them ever since. We loved the kids very much. Our connection with Anife teacher never broke. So we came to these days. They say Father for me, we call ourselves Crimea Family’s representative in Turkey. We knew that there were some things to do here, we had discussed before. Therefore, I incorporated TURKSID in Bursa on this subject, to find not one father but many of them. I presented this issue to the TURKSID family during our previous meeting in Istanbul. Thanks to them, they all supported this participation and we came here today with money we collected together. Further, we delivered that donation to our teacher.”

Stating that many people were crying and experienced emotional moments, Yasayanlar lastly pronounced that they believe to bring the Crimea Family to better conditions and said, “We stand by them, we love them.”