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Emine Dzheppar

Ukraine Wants Stronger Sanctions Against Russia – Deputy Foreign Minister

29 July 2020, 22:09
Еміне Джапарова

First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar calls for harsher political pressure and economic sanctions against Moscow.

The Crimean crisis must be strongly voiced in the international arena, Dzheppar said in an interview with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, adding that the ongoing Crimean crisis was an ‘annexation attempt’ unrecognized by the international community.

She asserted that Kiev was grateful for Turkey’s support for Crimea.

“Russia illegally and temporarily occupied Crimea,” Deputy Foreign Minister said, citing a UN resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine on March 27, 2014.

The diplomat also emphasized that Ukraine must regain its sovereignty over the peninsula.

Arguing that economic sanctions against Russia and UN support were not enough to save Crimea, Dzheppar said Ukraine hoped to bring the issue before the international courts.

There, it would be possible to “bring Russia to justice” for its crimes and violations, she said. “Russia is trying to convince the world how it protects Crimean Tatars in every platform in the world. It claims that the Crimean Tatar language has become the official language and has passed the law for the rehabilitation of the people. But in fact, oppression and political proceedings clearly show the opposite,” she said.

Crimean Tatars have been fighting Russia for the right to exist and live in their homeland for the past few hundred years, according to Emine Dzheppar, as they had to leave their homeland in 1783, 1944 and 2014.

Speaking on ties between Ukraine and Turkey, the diplomat said parties had become a strategic partner and added: “Our countries have common interests. They share the same view to establish peace and stability in the Black Sea region, and they do not have any conflicts in the political arena.”

Expressing hope on ongoing talks for a free trade agreement between the two countries, she said there were numerous opportunities for Turkish businesses to invest in Ukraine.

Ms Dzheppar also said that she was hopeful for the talks on Free Trade Agreements between two countries.