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Provision for re-integration of Crimea in Ukraine

10 February 2020, 20:17
Canan Kevser

Within the framework of Ukraine’s newly established Ministry of Occupied Lands, a provision will provide to a center for recording human rights violations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, and the reintegration of Crimea.

According to Oksana Kolyada, Minister for Occupied Lands, the funds will be provided from the state budget for the two projects to be launch this year.

Minister Kolyada made the following statements in an interview with the Ukrainian media on the subject:

“We commenced the establishment of a national center in temporarily occupied areas, to record human rights violations. Thus, we want to establish a state organisation that will shape the political position of Ukraine. Now we are improving the action mechanism of the center.”

The activities of the center are planning to be the basis for the cases brought by Ukraine in international courts, against Russia. The center will also provide data on information requests from other departments, journalists and international organizations.