12 June 2019, 17:08

Millions of rubles owed to employees of "municipal enterprises" in annexed Crimea. Officials shifting responsibility for salary at each other


Wage arrears at 23 “municipal unitary enterprises” on the annexed peninsula amount to 43.3 million rubles and is the area of ​​responsibility of “management officials of municipalities” of Crimea.

This corresponding data was provided by the Crimean “Deputy Prime Minister” Alla Pashkunova during a meeting dedicated to the issue of repayment of wage arrears, as cited by KAFANEWS.

In turn, the “Minister of Labor and Social Protection” of the Crimea, Elena Romanovskaya, informed about the repayment of the debt only at five enterprises and confirmed that at present the work on debt elimination in the “municipalities” is not adequate enough.

Earlier, it was reported that, according to Federal State Statistics Service of Crimea “Krymstat”, wage arrears in the annexed Crimea had increased fivefold.