Latvian legislators create Crimean Platform parliamentary group

Canan Kevser
17 May 2021, 16:15
Canan Kevser
17 May 2021, 16:15

Latvia has created a parliamentary group of the International Crimean Platform to support Ukraine in the de-occupation of Crimea.

First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar announced this from Facebook on Friday.

"Today, the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia created a deputy group of the International Crimean Platform to support Ukraine in its efforts to de-occupy Crimea and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders," Dzheppar wrote.

She thanked the Latvian partners, especially Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Saeima Rihards Kols, for their support.

Crimean Platform

The Crimean Platform is a new consultative and coordination format initiated by Ukraine to improve the international response to the occupation of Crimea and growing security challenges.

The Platform aims to increase international pressure on Russia, prevent further human rights violations, protect victims of the occupation regime, and achieve the goal of de-occupation of Crimea and its return to Ukraine.

The Crimean Platform will operate at several levels: The first is the highest political level, which will be joined by foreign heads of state and government. The second is the level of heads of foreign policy departments and defence ministers; the third is the inter-parliamentary level; the fourth is the level of non-governmental experts.

The activities of the Crimean Platform will be officially launched at the inaugural summit which is planned to be held in Kyiv on August 23, 2021.