“It’s time for the whole world to see the truth” USA called on Russia to allow OSCE mission in Crimea | QHA media
19 September 2019, 17:18

“It’s time for the whole world to see the truth.” USA called on Russia to allow OSCE mission in Crimea


The United States called on Russia to allow the OSCE monitoring mission to the illegally annexed Crimea to see the truth about the brutal occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

The US Representative to the OSCE James Gilmore made a corresponding statement at a meeting in Warsaw to review the implementation of commitments in the human dimension after the speech of pro-Russian representatives, Ukrinform reports.

He said it is ironic that representatives of the annexed Crimea deny human rights violations on the peninsula and at the same time ask to visit Crimea.

Russia, why don’t you open the door to the OSCE monitoring mission and let the world see the truth about your brutal occupation, the American diplomat said.

Furthermore, the US delegation responded to statements made against the Crimean Tatars’ rights advocates at the OSCE meeting in Warsaw.

According to Gilmore, the peaceful resistance to the brutal occupation of Russia is an inspiration to all who love freedom.

In particular, the American delegation condemned the pro-Russian representatives for calling peaceful human rights defenders of Crimean Tatars as “terrorists and extremists” at the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting.

Earlier, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, opening the OSCE meeting in Warsaw, said that the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the occupation of part of Donbass threatens security in Europe and the very functioning of this international organization.