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Political prisoners
08 May 2020, 20:27

Imprisoned Crimean Tatars Struggle to Observe Ramadan Safely During Lockdown


The holy month of Ramadan this year, which started on April 24 and will continue through May 23, is particularly challenging for Muslim journalists in jail to observe safely.

In many countries, prisoners rely on their families for food and medicine while behind bars. But this year, as families have been barred from visiting their loved ones due to COVID-19 lockdowns, jailed Muslim journalists have to cope with fasting on even fewer resources than before.

Mumine Saliyeva, a journalist and activist from Crimean Solidarity, a group that defends political prisoners, told that Russian authorities were holding at least four freelance journalists from Crimea on anti-state charges – Nariman Memedeminov, Osman Arifmemetov, Rustem Sheikhaliev and Remzi Bekirov.

All of them (Crimean Tatar political prisoners) are fasting. The number of coronavirus cases has been growing in Crimea but there are no cases among (ethnic) Crimean Tatar activists and journalists. However, inmates are not being tested for the coronavirus specifically.

Court hearings have been either postponed or held without media or family members. Families have been barred from prison visits since the beginning of quarantine, but lawyers can still visit prisons and detention centres both in Crimea and Rostov-on-Don.

We order food online and it’s delivered to the prisons. Also, in every prison, there is a specially designated person in charge of package deliveries from outside. He collects orders, inmates who have money pay him, and he gets food delivered to prison.

Also, Crimean Solidarity organized a special campaign called “Iftar for Prisoners.” There are 70 Crimean Tatar political prisoners, all of them are fasting.

“We produced a video with clear instructions on how you can order food delivery for them. You can do so either on the website of FSIN (Russian federal penitentiary system) if an inmate you choose to send food to is in prison or a prison colony, or simply use a postal service to send your package if a person is in pre-trial detention,” said Ms. Saliyeva.

⚡️НОВАЯ ОБЩЕСТВЕННАЯ ИНИЦИАТИВА «ИФТАР ДЛЯ УЗНИКА»Несмотря на арест, политзаключенные мусульмане Крыма не оставляют один из главных столпов своей религии – пост в месяц Рамадан. Их семьи не первый год проводят ифтары без отцов, в надежде на их возвращение домой.В эти дни им нужна наша поддержка еще больше, чем когда-либо. Есть несложные способы обрадовать в это непростое время политзаключенных. «Ифтар для узника» – так называется наша новая общественная инициатива.Если Вы хотите принять участие в инициативе, наш координатор – Сервер Чолакчик расскажет как это сделать. В комментариях мы опубликовали адреса политзаключённых. Вы также можете писать нам свои вопросы и пожелания.

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