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Ilmi Umerov: Stop playing with fire!

12 February 2020, 14:15
Canan Kevser

Vice President of the Crimean Tatar National Assembly (Majlis) Ilmi Umerov, speak to the Leader of Ukrainian Party ‘Servant of the People’, David Arahamiya, who offered to supply water to the occupied Crimea in return for the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from Donbas:

“Stop playing with fire. Russia is an aggressor.”

Reminding that the occupying state is responsible for the problems in the occupied land according to international laws, Umerov said:

“We aim to turn Crimea into a heavy-duty for Russia. But under the leadership of your party, Ukraine is always trying to please the aggressor.”

Emphasizing that providing water to Crimea in return for Donbas will only benefit Russia, Vice President of Majlis, Umerov said:

“Water is sufficient for the population in Crimea. When they take the great army into account, water gets insufficient. Russian army! Crimea is too much militarized. You call yourself ‘The Servant of the People’ and betraying your people by supporting Russia. Stop playing with fire. Russia is an aggressor! Act according to this. No compromise needed, but international support such as strengthening economic and political sanctions should provide. The result of this confrontation is the complete redemption of the territorial integrity of Ukraine or the destruction of Ukraine as an independent state. Thus, a compromise is not possible.”

Previously, People’s Servant Party Leader David Arahamiya has reported that they are ready to supply water to the occupied Crimea in exchange to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s withdrawal of Russian military forces from Donbas.