First Ukrainian translation of Quran written in Braille for visually impaired was introduced in Kyiv

Canan Kevser
18 June 2021, 12:40
Canan Kevser
18 June 2021, 12:40

The Ukrainian translation of the Holy Quran written in the Braille alphabet for visually impaired persons was introduced in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

The first Ukrainian translation of the holy book for visually disabled persons was introduced on June 16 at the Ostrovskiy Library in Kyiv.

Speaking on the importance of the event, the director of the library Mariya Potelyahina noted that readers are interested in books about various cultures in the library and said, “We should also read and know the Quran. It is especially crucial for those studying in philosophy and theology faculties. We have never had such a book before. In Ukraine, there were only audiobooks in Russian.”

Reading a holy book twice as important for the blind

The event started with the reading of the Holy book Quran in its original language, Arabic. Visually impaired visitors who participated in the event had the opportunity to read the Ukrainian translation.

Speaking during the event, psychologist Yana Baranova emphasised that the opportunity to read is of great importance for blind people and that reading a holy book is twice as important.

100 copies will be published

Ramil Kaziyev, Head of Duslık Bashkir Cultural Center, who organised the event together with the National Initiatives Organization and the Ukrainian Association for the Visually Impaired, stated that the book would be published in 100 copies. He also indicated that the event is a unique opportunity for the visually impaired to read the Ukrainian translation of the holy book.