First train ran on Kerch bridge. Yet a technical one | QHA media
14 June 2019, 13:16

First train ran on Kerch bridge. Yet a technical one


Today, June 14, two teams of builders drove along the railroad tracks of the Kerch Bridge.

The course of construction was reported by the information center of the bridge.

Thus, the rails of the first of the railway tracks are connected and in nearest time will be used for technical trains with building and construction materials.

The builders report that the construction of 18 kilometers of the road is being completed on the Crimean side – this is the railway approach to the bridge. From the Russian side inTaman the same one is being built, but already 40 kilometers long.

The railway section of the bridge across the Kerch Strait is to be launched in December 2019. Reportedly, 29 pairs of trains are expected to run the bridge every day.

The bridge to the annexed Crimea from the Krasnodar Territory of Russia is 19 kilometers long. Automobile traffic on it was opened on May 16, 2018. Cargo transport started the traffic on the bridge on October 1 last year. National Guard of Russia to guard the Kerch bridge as part of the special purpose brigade.