Crimeans Forced to Put on Observation at Their Own Expense Amid the Coronavirus | QHA media
27 May 2020, 15:29

Crimeans Forced to Put on Observation at Their Own Expense Amid the Coronavirus


Russian-controlled Crimean administration warns that the Crimeans who come from abroad will be put on observation at their own expense. The same experience is introduced for people who come to the peninsula from Russia, according to Russia’s Vice Prime Minister Elena Romanovskaya.

“Due to the fact that the majority of international flights arrive in the cities of other constituent territories of the federation, we got information from them that the observatories will be chargeable, including these for our citizens. That is why we warn that Crimeans coming from abroad will be obliged to pay for a stay in the observatories,” Romanovskaya said.

The so-called Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov stated that these rules would also act on the territory of the peninsula.

“You should not travel to the seaside if you’re just bored, as you will create a problem for us,” he told to Russian tourists.

Earlier, Aksyonov said that there were more people infected with COVID-19 than it had been detected. According to him, only those who have obvious symptoms of SARS, influenza, and pneumonia are tested for coronavirus.

In Crimea, there may also be a negative scenario for the development of the coronavirus situation. If the detection process goes with obvious signs, then in theory, in the negative prognosis we can destroy all our observatories and hospitals. Yet, God forbid, healthcare workers will be infected, then we may lose healthcare facilities altogether. This is a negative outlook. Its probability is quite high,” he said at the beginning of May.