#CrimeaIsNotRussia. Ukrainians spammed Apple's Facebook page | QHA media
04 December 2019, 10:41

#CrimeaIsNotRussia. Ukrainians spammed Apple's Facebook page


Ukrainian Facebook users leave comments on Apple’s page on the social network with the hashtag #CrimeaIsNotRussia.

Thus, after each publication with this hashtag, they also add their own comments or memes.

For example, a post about a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen received several thousand comments with the hashtag #CrimeaIsNotRussia.

Earlier it was reported that the territory of Crimea on the company’s products is displayed as part of Russia. Each user of Apple products, entering the “Maps” application and choosing the Crimea peninsula or one of its cities on a map, will see that this region is marked as Russian.

In turn, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko criticized the American company Apple. He advised the company to focus on high technology and entertainment, because global politics, according to Priestayko, is not its strong point.