Coronavirus Cases Doubled in Crimea - Occupiers Seek for Medical Staff

Canan Kevser
10 August 2020, 10:05
Canan Kevser
10 August 2020, 10:05

Russian-annexed Crimea has stepped up efforts to hire more doctors to staff its overwhelmed hospitals amid a resurgence of new coronavirus cases in the popular Black Sea holiday destination.

New daily cases in August, averaging 29.3 so far, are two to three times higher than the peninsula’s reported cases in June, according to data provided by occupation administration.

“Doctors of any specialty and nurses anesthetists are urgently needed to work in a hospital for patients with the novel coronavirus infection,” wrote an ad placed on the so-called Crimean health department’s website on Saturday.

The Russian-backed local administration told that Crimea is short 500 doctors and 1,500 nurses to tackle the new cases.

Current healthcare professionals questioned ability of hospitals to handle new patients given Crimea’s severe shortage of medical personnel.

“Can you imagine the scale of the problem if officials put out ads looking for medical professionals?” an unnamed healthcare worker commented on the issue.

Crimea’s Moscow-backed head called on Russians to avoid visiting the Black Sea peninsula at the height of the outbreak in April.  

Russia has largely exited its coronavirus lockdown and lift restrictions for incoming domestic tourists at the beginning of July. Almost 1.5 million people visited the peninsula last month.

Occupied Crimea and the neighboring Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region in southern Russia remain top tourist destinations, according to a BBC Russia survey.

Total of 1903 Covid-19 cases and 28 fatalities registered in Russian-occupied Crimea, according to "official" numbers.

Human Rights organizations say that Russian authorities hide real number of the COVID-19 cases and do not reveal the accurate data.