13 June 2019, 17:02

At resort in occupied Crimea mud rivers observed instead of the promised roads - One cannot do without rubber shoes


In Zaozerne resort settlement, which is located near Yevpatoria, the holiday season began, but the roads have not been built in time. Although the construction of roads due to the “federal target program” started here in early March.

The tender went to the company Elitkrymstroy LLC, according to Primechaniya publication. The works should have been completed by June 1, but as of June 12 they are still ongoing.

Reportedly, after the rains, instead of roads, muddy rivers appeared here, because of which, vacationers and residents can get to their houses and local sanatoriums only taking a detour: the walking path to the bus stop is about 1.5 km. In this case, one can not do without rubber shoes.

Опубліковано Еленою Можаровською Неділя, 9 червня 2019 р.

Local residents told that because of the condition of the roads in Zaozerne they found themselves in a transport blockade: public transport stopped traffic, taxis refused to come. Also, ambulances and other special vehicles can not reach Zaozerne.

Опубліковано Еленою Можаровською Неділя, 9 червня 2019 р.

Roman Tikhonchuk, the Acting Head of the Administration of Yevpatoria, links the delays with the fact that the coating for filling the first asphalt layer was unsuitable for this purpose.

“The examination of this inert material showed that it is unacceptable to use it at the base of the road. Search, coordination and decision-making on changing the road construction took some time. In addition, the geogrid intended for this site failed to pass the incoming quality control, and therefore a complaint was forwarded to the plant, and it took about three weeks to additionally supply a new batch of geogrid,” the official tried to explain.

But the “head of the department of urban construction,” Sergei Denisov, said that the deadline for putting the first layer of the road to Evolution Street is the end of June. The road will be completely repaired before the end of this year.

And in Alupka, residents patched holes on the roads in an unusual way – using mattresses. They decided to call their method “nano-asphalt”, thereby drawing the attention of the “authorities” to the condition of the roads in the city.

А в Алупке жители залатали ямы на дорогах необычным способом — с помощью матрасов. Свой метод они решили назвать «наноасфальтом», тем самым привлекая внимание «властей» к состоянию дорог в городе.