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World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea

Science / Technology - 31 August 2012 17:57
World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea

SIMFEROPIL/ AQMESCIT (QHA) - A Ukrainian scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world. Most interestingly, it was found in the most beautiful corner of the country, in Crimea.
As the ICTV channel reported, the finding was revealed by accident, when during his test alternative methods of finding water Ukrainian scientist Vitalii Goh discovered underground unknown object, which proved to be a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters. Goh said that the pyramid was built during the time of the dinosaurs.
“Crimean pyramid” has a truncated top, like a Mayan pyramid, but its appearance is more like an Egyptian. It is hollow inside, and a mummy of unknown creature is buried under the foundation.
“Under the foundation is a small body in the form of a mummy long 1.3-1.4 meters with a crown on his head.”
“There is a resonance chamber of so-called Sphinx. The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs,” says the scientist in an interview with ICTV.
It remains unknown who build the pyramid.
The unique building is the oldest on the planet, says Vitalii Goh.

Aliye Bekir
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