Vinnitsa transferred a drone-aircraft system created on the basis of Vinnytsia National Technical University for the needs of intelligence support in ATO area, reports.

New flying machine has no analogues in Ukraine either in quality or price. The scientists and modelers were able to make it practically silent and for the least money. The cost of the drone is not specified, but it is said to be ten times cheaper than imported one.

“The drone is designed for photo and video intelligence and it will be transferred to the military unit No. 4050. Unlike all the existing analogues, this unique machine is a complete robot that does not emit radio signals. It carries out its mission in absolute radio silence, so at the height of 200-300 meters it cannot be seen, and is hard to detect. The drone can work for an hour with winds of up to 12 m/s and an air temperature of minus 20 degrees at a distance of 15 km,” Leonid Koval, Director of Nebesna Dolina Center said.

The idea for the project came about one and a half years ago. The development of drone took three months and it was created at the expense of volunteers. It has already been tested at the local firing ground. The drone will also be tested at the proving ground in Chernihiv and then handed over to scouts on the front line.