Kharkov Design Bureau named after A.A. Morozov – the leading enterprise and developer of Ukroboronprom State Concern – has presented a modern Verba multiple rocket launch system, according to Ukroboronprom’s website. 

“The time has come to leave the Soviet past behind and start to look in the future. Verba is a weapon that must come into service and be produced on an industrial scale,” said Roman Romanov, General Director of Ukroboronprom. 

Verba upgraded system is based on the chassis of KrAZ (Kremenchuk Automobile Plant) and is equipped with 5 cabin seats. Fire control, aiming and even charging is carried out automatically from the cabin, without involving soldiers. The weight of the new multiple rocket launcher is almost 20 tons, but it is capable of speeds up to 85 km/h.

It is reported that due to the work of a new management team (since July 4, 2014), Ukroboronprom has increased the production of weapons and military equipment 36 times and begun consistently producing the latest models of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The State Defence Order for 2014 has been fulfilled for 100%, and this year its execution is carried out well ahead of the planned schedule.