Bağçasaray (QHA) - An exhibition “History of Crimean science, historiography and literature of XIII – ХIХ centuries” has been opened in Crimean Historical Museum La Richesse in Bağçasaray’s complex “Devlet-Saray”.

Exhibits related scientific and literal works of Crimean scientists, theologians, historians and poets.

Here you can see original manuscripts of XV–XIX centuries, typescripts of poem collections alongside historiography and scientific works of XIX century. There are also colored copies of unique manuscripts’ title pages collected in Turkey, Uzbekistan and Europe. Calligraphy pictures of famous Ottoman penmen of Crimean origin are presented at the exhibition too.

One of the most valuable exhibits is photocopy of Mahmud Qirimli’s poem “Yusuf ve Zuleiha” of XIII century. It worth mentioning this poem is the earliest Crimean Tatar literary monument translated by his contemporary Halil-oğlu Ali.

The display is accompanied by history of scientific and intellectual activity in Crimea in period of Golden Horde and Crimean Khanate alongside the activity of Crimean diaspora of XVIII – XIX centuries.

The exhibition was organized by Crimean Historical Museum La Richesse and Qırım Charitable Fund. Nariman Abdulvahap was responsible for its preparation. Unique showpieces were collected by museum director Güliver Altin, Crimean Tatar by origin who lived in France.

According to La Richesse’s staff this exhibition is unique one:

“In fact, Crimean history, science and literature haven’t been studied in this way. It is the first time this theme is presented; remarkable is the fact the display consists of works of those who had worked either in Crimea or abroad; in Ottoman Empire and Central Asia”,- stressed Crimean Historical Museum’s press-secretary Sultanie Anefiy”.