LE BOURGET (QHA) - Ukraine has adequately presented its aviation capabilities at the 50th International Air Show Le Bourget 2013.
President and General Designer of SE Antonov Dmytro Kiva expressed this opinion in an interview with UKRINFORM, summing up the preliminary results of the air show.
"I consider positive the preliminary results of our participation in the air show. Ukraine, our company, made a good showing in France, demonstrated its own developments, which are not inferior to Western standards. Other major countries also demonstrated their products here, but I did not notice anything new that would be ahead of time," he stressed.
According to Kiva, the participation of a high-level official delegation led by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has had positive results and emphasized the Ukrainian government's attention to both the industry and its place in the global scale. "Of course, this is a credit to Ukraine, in particular, in the political context," the head of Antonov said.
He reminded that Ukraine presented at Le Bourget two aircraft -passenger An-158 and transport An-70, which made daily demonstration flights and were present on the static site. "We have presented in France a fundamentally new transport aircraft, An-70, equipped with new power installations, a modernized onboard complex. This aircraft is of an up-to-date technology level," Kiva said, adding that another Ukrainian aircraft, An-158, was called by French experts the most elegant plane of the air show at Le Bourget.
Therefore, such a representational participation in the air show, he said, gave the desired result: the potential customers have seen real planes, got acquainted with their specifications, saw the cabins, felt comfort and convenience, Kiva said. "This creates a natural interest: there is the desire to cooperate with us, to buy planes, to take them on lease, to organize joint production. In this context, we have even signed memorandums of intent with two foreign companies, which I cannot name," he said. In addition, during the four days, talks were held with the Turkish, French, Argentine, Russian, Australian, American, Irish partners and other international companies. "With regard to business development in this area, such shows are commonly used to promote domestic developments on the global market," the Antonov company director said.