Kyiv (QHA) -  The State
Service of Ukraine on protection of personal data demands that VKontakte
company improve protection of confidential information or pay a fine of 8.5
thousand UAH. Kyiv office of VKontakte confirmed the receipt of such claim from
the State Service, informs Watcher.

At the same
time, representative of the Ukrainian press service of VKontakte Vlad Legotkin
said that Kyiv office of the company does not store users’ personal data, a
lack of protection of which was blamed on the company by the State Service.

director of Vkontakte Nikolay Durov said that he has no idea what the claims of
Ukrainian authorities are based on.

“I won’t be
surprised to know that they just want to collect additional income from foreign
IT companies working in Ukraine,”- comments Mr. Durov.

Director suggested that claims of Ukrainian authorities are related to the case
of withdrawal of Ukrainian servers Vkontakte. 

“In fact no
personal data was stored on the servers and could not have been there.  Only media content.  But I won’t be surprised if they find it there”, says Mr. Durov.

As informed
earlier, on June 27 Mr. Durov stated that law enforcement authorities in Kyiv
withdrew the company’s servers.  Ministry
of Income of Ukraine noted that the withdrawn equipment of the company “Data IX
UA” has nothing to do with social network VKontakte.