The Republican committee of Crimea on protection of cultural heritage has received permission from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to elevate the sunken in 1944 submarine “SHCH-216”, informs press service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

In early August, the Black Sea center for underwater research plans plunging to explore the submarine. At present, preparation of the equipment is in process. The expedition will clean the submarine’s body from fishing trawls; engineers will enter the damaged compartment to evaluate the condition of torpedoes. Besides, environmental monitoring will be carried out. “These actions will determine the readiness of the submarine to be raised to the surface”, says the Center’s director Sergey Voronov.

Note: According to historical data, the submarine “SHCH-216”went missing in February-March 1944 during a military mission. The cause of the drowning was the depth bombs attack. The crew of 47 people died. The submarine was discovered by the Black Sea center’s underwater research divers near Cape Tarkhankut (Crimea) at the depth of 52 meters. According to preliminary data, the submarine has minor injuries. Experts don’t exclude that after rising, the submarine could be restored and used as a unique museum of military history.