(QHA) -

Russia is unable to start building of power stations in Crimea -- peninsula which Russia joined in March--over the sanctions the EU countries have imposed over Russia’s role in Ukrainian crisis and Crimean annexation.

This comes amid Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev that Crimea “must gain full independence from Ukraine’s electricity”.

Technopromexport -- Russian engineering company that builds energy facilities in Russia -- cannot start its work over the lack of European equipment which cannot be imported over the EU sanctions, RBK reports.

Earlier, Crimea's minister of fuel and energy, Sergey Egorov, said that operations of the majority of solar and wind power plants in Crimea have been suspended since April. In August, it was revealed the Russian government was looking at bringing the projects into its tariff framework.

The Russian government said the wind tariff in Crimea would be set at RUB 3.42 ($0.08) per kWh.

According to Russian energy analysts, the majority of the existing wind power plants in Crimea will probably not be re-launched until mid-2015 at the earliest due to the uncertainty over their legal status and the low tariff price.