Düzce University Archaeology department academics to hold a project that aims to reveal the ancient places and cities of the Western Black Sea region, reports Hurriyet Daily News. According to academic Nurperi Ayengin the findings will be valuable and important for archeology, as there are many settlements from ancient cities in the western Black Sea region. “If we will be able to make them visible and discover them, history will be driven into light and new era for archeological history may begin.”- she said. As reported, the most promising areas in deep water archaeology are the quest for submerged prehistoric settlements in the continental shelf and for ancient shipwrecks in the anoxic zone, which are expected to be exceptionally well preserved due to the absence of oxygen. This concentration of historical powers, combined with the preservative qualities of the deep anoxic waters of the Black Sea, has attracted increased interest from marine archaeologists who have begun to discover a large number of ancient ships and organic remains in a high state of preservation. To be noted, the Black Sea was sailed by Hittites, Carians, Thracians, Greeks, Persians, Cimmerians, Scythians, Romans, Byzantines, Goths, Huns, Avars, Bulgars, Slavs, Varangians, Crusaders, Venetians, Genoese, Lithuanians, Georgians, Poles, Tatars, Ottomans and Russians.