Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared with public the photos of a sniper rifle and anti-tank grenades, which became operational for the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU).

According to the Minister, the new weapons will facilitate the protection of Ukrainian military demarcation line.

“We have done it! The new production run weapons became operational for the NGU units fighting against breakthrough and raiding forces. Just a little more training and our snipers will be able to use these powerful and modern weapons against enemy manpower and equipment in all the NGU units.

We also have a novelty for the aggressor’s tanks and APC (armored personal carries): DRTG-73 antitank rocket grenade, designed to penetrate the armor with active (dynamic) protection made of BB plates of reduced power. The antitank rocket grenade fires a tandem short with two arranged one after another cumulative charges activated in sequence. The first charge (55 mm caliber) destroys the dynamic protection; the second (105,5 mm caliber) penetrates the armor of up to 700 mm. The firing range is less than 200 m. So, we grow stronger!” Avakov posted on his Facebook page.