AQMESCIT/ SIMFEROPIL (QHA) - The Crimean Tatar website Qirimtatar.Org added a new section ‘Crimean Tatar blogs’ (
Now the Crimean Tatars have their own resource where they can share their personal observations, information and impressions.
This system of blogs is unique because it unites the Crimean Tatar community.
“To launch a blog at Blogs.Qirimtatar.Org is easier than in global services. You just need to click on the link ‘Create Account’ and fill out a registration card. Registration and use of the system of blogs is free of charge on a permanent basis,” the website reports.
Reference: Information-analytical portal ‘Crimean Tatars’ ( began its work in 2003. The website publishes news, analysis as well as everything that concerns the life of the Crimea and Crimean Tatars. The website also has a forum and blogging platform Blogs.Qirimtatar.Org.
Qirimtatar.Org portal has its own audience. It is visited by 600 people daily. The resource has its own group on social networking sites, the cumulative number of participants of which is about 3,000 people.

Mavile Abkerim – Aliye Bekir