(QHA) - A bog body, found in Cashel bog in Ireland, turned to be 500 years older than Tutankhamen. Cashel Man has had the weight of the world on his shoulders, quite literally for 4,000 years, reports BBC. The find is now being studied at the National Museum of Ireland's research base in Collins Barracks, Dublin. He was discovered in 2011 by a bog worker in Cashel bog in County Laois. Scientists say that there were significant clues to the social status of three bog bodies found in Ireland since the start of this century. Experts say that the remains of Cashel Man are extremely well preserved for his age. Radiocarbon dating suggests that he is the earliest bog body with intact skin known anywhere in the world. He is from the early Bronze Age in Ireland about 4,000 years ago. As reported earlier, in the past 10 years, there have been two other significant finds, in varying states of decay. The Iron Age bodies of Clonycavan Man and Old Croghan Man are on display at the museum, which sits in a wing of Leinster House, the Irish parliament.