The first space tourist from Ukraine - Dnipropetrovsk's journalist, lawyer and adventurer Borys Filatov - expects that in 2014 his dream of flying into space will come true, he told in an interview to Ukrinform. "In the new year, I expect my tourist space flight. Preparations for the flight are in progress. I have got permission to train at NASA's training center and this year weightlessness simulation has already been carried out. At the beginning of 2014, another weightlessness simulation is planned, as well as training at NASA's NASTAR training center. In spring - a flight into the stratosphere on a fighter. Already in autumn of 2014, of course, unless the unpredictable happens, I fly into space," Filatov said. Virgin Galactic, which plans to make suborbital touristic flights, first planned to send into orbit the first tourists in 2008, but later the launch was postponed for 4 years. "I was one of those who first in the world (and already precisely in Ukraine) trusted Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic and joined the community of future commercial astronauts. Without conditions, guarantees or promises. Just because I dreamt of seeing the Cosmos. Several years, I and other members of the project were silently and patiently waiting for the final date of our flight. After all, we know that great things are not done hastily. And now that time has come! Just two weeks ago I returned from California, where I spent several happy days with the same crazy people like me. Gentlemen, jokes are over! Already in autumn of 2014 (of course, unless the unpredictable happens) I fly into space!" Borys wrote on his Facebook page. Borys Filatov got a ticket to a space boat of the U.S. Virgin Galactic company, paying USD 200,000 in September 2009. For new customers, the company this summer raised the ticket price up to USD 250,000.