Turkish experts of the hotel business will continue training Crimean hoteliers.  This issue was discussed during the meeting of the Crimean delegation with representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and Federation of Hoteliers of Turkey, informed press service of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea, referring to the Minister
Alexandr Liyev. 

According to the Minister, Crimea is ready to receive a group of Turkish experts to train representatives of Crimean hotel industry.  Next year, it is planned to form a new group to send for training to Turkey. 

“As part of training I would like to pay special attention to the experience of our Turkish colleagues in prolonging the tourist season, in particular owing to conference-tourism.  I am sure this topic is of a great interest for Crimean hoteliers, as during fall-winter-spring seasons Crimea has a low flow of visitors,”-explained Mr. Liyev. 

He recalled that this year, in the framework of the joint project of the Crimean and Turkish Ministries, a group of Crimean hoteliers has been trained hotel business skills in Turkey.  

Turkish Deputy Minister Abdurahman Arici explained that such trainings have a positive effect not only on the development of tourism in Crimea, but on the attitude of Turkish tourists to Crimea as well. 

“Annually more than 30 million Turkish tourists travel out of Turkey.  And first of all, the demand will be for those hotels, personnel of which is familiar with our standards,”- explained Mr. Arici.

State secretary of the Ministry- Ozgür Ozaslan confirmed that in November, a group of experts will arrive to Crimea to train Crimean hoteliers.