A Russian citizen, who arrived in Crimea by his car, said that people are made to pay for driving their own vehicle in the territory of the peninsula.

- All those wishing to come to Crimea in 2016 should know: if when disembarking a ferry, you are driving a car, you will be offered to buy a ticket, Rustam Agapov wrote on Facebook.

The cost of this "travel" ticket is RUB 8000 a year, and if you pay on a quarterly basis, the price will range from two to five thousand rubles.

The tourist went on saying that one shouldn’t try to "save money" since the ticket is checked at all the Road Patrol Services.

When asked about the need to pay for traffic, the Border Service personnel said the state does not provide enough financial aid.

-They explain the innovation saying that if Russia does not allocate money for the construction of the Kerch crossing, we will earn money and do it ourselves. It is logical, but somehow disappointing. Doesn’t Crimea receive enough subsidies or humanitarian aid? said the outraged motorist.

The penalty for traveling without a ticket will be about RUB 10 000.

Photo: Internet