The gobies mass mortality is recorded in the Sea of Azov in the Leninsky district. Social network users shared photos, which show a large amount of dead fish scattered along the coast.


According to one of the tourists Natalia Sherbachenko, resident of the recreation center "RigaAzov", people began to complain the hotel administration about the condition of the beaches. However, the hotel administration could not take any measures as the beach is owned by "municipality” who held a Session of staff for Emergency Situations. The decision on the Session will be taken in 10 days, and its implementation is to begin a month later.

“The Hotel visitors removed the fish from the beach without waiting for appropriate actions of the local authorities. The point is that God takes care of those who take care of themselves, Sherbachenko said.

Although, the "city administration" website informed that the cleaning had been organized by the "officials", municipal workers, businesses, and the caring citizens.

“The fish was taken to a special place for disposal. The wind contributed to the situation improvement stirring the sea layers and enriching the water with oxygen. The fish mass mortality is stopped. People and nature managed to overcome it," says "the city administration."

Photos: social networks