About 1500 students from Turkey are to visit historical sights of Crimea during September- October period. Head of travel Agency “Alex-Tur” Ametkhan Tyncherov said this to Resorts Information center of Crimea.

According to him 9 groups of students from Eskisehir (Turkey) will visit the peninsula. The first group is to arrive on September 19.

“Groups of students from Turkey will be arriving every three days. We have a rich three-day program for them, during which they will be able to visit prominent sights throughout the Crimea”, he said.

Tyncherov noted, in total Crimea will receive 1500 teenagers of 16-18 years old.

In turn the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea Alexander Lyiv noted that travel agencies of Turkey are mostly interested in cultural and historical potential of Crimea.

“President of Ukraine and Turkish Prime Minister have agreed on abolition of visa regime between the countries; now we are doing our best to have Turkish tourists visit Crimea all year round”, noted Lyiv.

He also informed that ‘Days of Crimea’ have been conducted in four Turkish cities. Also, representatives of Turkish travel agencies had informational tours to Crimea. Lyiv stressed that the upcoming visit of Turkish students to Crimea is the first result of the conducted work.

As reported earlier, in February Minister Lyiv met with representatives of Eskisehir authorities.