Simferopol (QHA) - Travel agencies of Turkey are interested in participating in informational tours to Crimea. Serhat Fil, the director of Turkish Airlines Company in Crimea said this to Resorts Information center. According to him, the abolition of visa regime between Turkey and Ukraine has raised interest of Turkish travel agencies in the Crimean peninsula. An informational tour to Crimea will take place in October. It is expected that representatives of seven big travel agencies from Turkey will visit Crimean hotels and health resorts to establish business partnerships. Serhat Fil noted that Crimea is a good alternative to such Eastern resorts as Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and others. He stressed that in the course of negotiations with Turkish travel agencies, great interest was expressed in Crimean cultural, historical as well as health resorts potential. In turn the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea Alexander Lyiv emphasized the Ministry is ready to support conducting the info tour for Turkish partners. Minister Lyiv said earlier that the Ministry is doing its best to have Turkish tourists visit Crimea all year round. As reported earlier, about 1500 students from Turkey are to visit historical sights of Crimea during September- October period. The first group is to arrive on September 19.