AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Today, June 11, the millionth tourist of the current year has arrived to Aqmescit by the train Kharkiv-Aqmescit. The Moscow’s resident Svetlana Levina who comes together with her granddaughter to the summer holidays became the millionth tourist.
The millionth tourist was met with bunch of flowers by the Crimea’s Minister of Resorts and Tourism Oleksandr Liiev himself.
He stressed this symbolic meeting of the millionth tourist is an image event.
“It is directed to inform the tourist industry, mass media, prospective investors about a quantity of holidaymakers coming to Crimea”, - the minister said.
He added: “We conducted similar events in the airport, it is conducted in the railway station today. We plan also to meet tourists in the seaport and, of course, we shall not ignore self-driving tourists too. Thus, we want to show various opportunities for tourists to arrive to Crimea”.
As a gift for the millionth tourist became the week of health improvement at the Saki sanatorium as well as the accident insurance policy by 1 million hryvnias for the whole period of her stay in Crimea.