(QHA) - A large perspective in attraction of tourists to Crimea is on tourist markets of Turkey, Germany and Austria, Great Britain, Central Asian countries, the Baltic countries and the Caucasus. Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Oleksandr Liev has said about this at a meeting of the Crimean government Tuesday, Ukrinform reports. “90% of Crimean tourists arrive from the regions of Ukraine and Russia. Such a situation causes risks. For comparison, two largest suppliers of visiting tourists in Turkey are Germany and Russia, which provide for only about 25% of the tourist flow, and the rest 75% are represented by several tens of different countries approximately in equal shares,” Liev noted. In this connection, the Minister noted, Crimean business should be brought to new markets, at the same time, giving the priority to the Ukrainian and Russian markets. At the same time, Liev believes, new forms of rest should be more actively offered to tourists, including the military-historical and other tours. He is convinced that as a result of diversification of geography of tourists and the Crimean tourist product markets, a season in Crimea will grow to four active months a year, in addition, the number of tourists will grow by 25-39%, who arrived in Crimea for resort treatment and health improvement.